Sweet Briar College came to us looking for something fun for a new Student Life Brochure. The brochure needed to not only show the basic information of the campus, academic resources, career services, and calendar of events, but it also needed to evoke the fun and joy of student life on campus.

After looking at die cuts and other printing techniques, we decided to explore different folds. After many options, we came across the Twist Fold. It was an interesting fold that reminded us of the old paper fortune teller we used to make as kids. Some areas called this a “Cootie Catcher,” although we never heard of that name until we started looking into this folding technique.

After many trials (and failures), we finally mastered the fold which allowed us to design the piece to highlight specific areas at different parts of the fold. We used photos to show fun student activities on campus as well as successful photos like graduation, and then equestrian photos on campus that tell a unique story for Sweet Briar.

When unfolded, the back has the student calendar of events, and when folded, the back has a feature that mimics a mortar board. Source4 in Roanoke, VA did the printing and folding and are probably happy that this project is over. Special thanks to Sweet Briar for allowing us to create this origami brochure for them.